The gated community of Whale Rock Heights incorporating Summer Place is situated on several hectares of gently sloping land with a predominantly north eastern aspect.

Originally developed by a Belgian consortium, all 103 stands are now privately owned with 34 stands currently having been developed.

Close attention is paid to maintaining harmonious architectural design and building standards, with all building plans requiring pre-approval by the estate architect, home owners association and the relevant municipal authorities. Although Whale Rock heights does not have a designated builder, all builders must be members of the NHBRC and approved by the home owners’ association. ┬áNo commercial activity is permitted within the estate.


Security is contracted to a registered security company and enforced by means of an electrified fence and 24/7 entrance control. Frequent daylight patrols are supplemented during the hours of darkness by patrols augmented by a guard dog. Telephonic and radio communication with the guard station located at the entrance to the estate is maintained.

A common park area with pond attracts many species of bird life. The estate boasts high quality clay brick road ways and park paths as well as subdued street lighting.

All common areas as well as fire safety and security systems are maintained by appropriate professional contractors and funded from monthly levies.