Whale Rock Home Owner’s Association – Chairman’s Report October 2015

Whale Rock Home Owners Association
Chairman’s Report – October 2015

One again it is time to let you all know what is happening in our Estate.

The Trustees took the decision that due to all the power outages UPS systems should be installed. There is one in the guardhouse and one in the store room where the second electric fence energizer is housed.  This means the electric fencing will continue to work even when there is no power and the guards will have power in the guardhouse. This was undertaken to plug a potentially serious security problem, in that the electric fence, camera’s etc. went down with power outages, leaving us vulnerable to someone coming in over the fence or even forcing their way past the security guards. We appointed Bay Electrical to supply and install the UPS’ (recommended by PPM) at an approximate cost of R50000.00.

Security is always an issue but I am happy to report that nothing untoward has occurred over the past year. Our Estate Manager, Alan Reekie, together with Plett Security have been keeping everything in order.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that some changes were made in respect of allowing visitors and guests in to the Estate and I would ask those of you who are visiting at Christmas to bear this in mind. If you are letting your property, then you must advise both Plett Security and PPM the dates of the tenancy and the names of those who will be occupying the property. Without this information they will not be allowed in to the Estate.

The Municipality has started work on building the new transfer station on the adjoining the N2. It should be completed and in use later next year. At last, we really are, a step closer to the dump being closed.  However, as you are all aware the Municipality is now in the process of trying to open a Drop off Zone on the piece of land adjacent to the water tower opposite our development. I have written to you over the past year about this so do not intend to go into further detail here. We have gone to appeal. However, I have received the following notification from Newton van de Mescht:
“In accordance with the 2014 Appeal Regulations we should know the
outcome of the appeal within 80 days from Tuesday 28 July, by 5
October 2015.”
With the grounds included in the original objections and now in the appeal, I am satisfied that all the boxes have been ticked for a review of the appeal decision, should the MEC not uphold the appeal.

Once again our Estate Manager, Mr Alan Reekie, has been working hard on improving the appearance of the estate. New plantings have taken place and in general I think we all agree there is a much improved appearance and neatness around the estate.You who visit will have noticed that the pillars, walls and guardhouse have all been repainted in the past year.
Our finances remain good and our levies are still one of the smallest in any of the Plettenberg Bay secure estates. While our financial position is sound it could, however, become strained in the future by the fact that the dump issue is still outstanding and further legal action may be required.
Plett Property Management continues to do sterling work managing the estate. Our sincere thanks go to Johann Koch and Patrick Sassin for everything they do and their patience with the Trustees queries.
I would like to thank all Trustees’ for their hard work and support over the past year. I believe I can once again say we have an exceptionally well managed estate.

Caroline Clarke